15 Jun

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You’re talking…we’re
Get what you requested!

This latest release of PrebuiltML X is full of updates and features that are based on requests and feedback from YOU, our users.  Check out the list of features below and call or email us to get the full scoop and thanks again for communicating!



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New Updates and Features

  • Drag and Drop Pack Reordering – If you need to change the order of your packs in the Project/List, now you can simply drag and drop them into your desired order.
  • Set a specific pack to “Not Report” – You can now cause a pack to be omitted when running a report, giving you more control over your report contents.
  • Cross hairs – display them as desired – Specify when the large cross hairs should display in the digitizer – have them all the time, never, or only while drawing.  Make the change just for a moment, or you can set your default preference.
  • “Continue Drawing Container” – Ever need to add in a whole new section to your floor or roof container (like a bay window you missed)?  Accomplish this quickly with this new feature.
  • Scale Multiple Pages – Apply a standard scale across multiple pages at the same time.
  • Delete Multiple Pages – Do you have numerous pages that you no longer want cluttering up your pages list?  Now you can remove all of those unwanted pages in a single action.


Be aware that once you have saved a job file or template in this new version, that file cannot be opened in a previous version of the software.