Would you like to be able to use PrebuiltML on an alternate computer?

Using PrebuiltML at the office and an alternate location is simple and easy


Many times a user will have PrebuiltML® installed on more than one computer but only one license.  By Deactivating the license on one computer, the user can activate the license on the second alternate computer and continue using the PrebuiltML® software.

Example: A user has a desktop computer at work and a second computer at home. At the end of the work day, by deactivating the license on the work computer, the user may continue working with PrebuiltML® upon arriving home and activating PrebuiltML® with the same license code. 


Follow these quick steps for using the deactivate/activate feature:
From the Help/Licensing tab:

  1. Click on “Help, Licensing”


2. Click on the Deactivate to disconnect the license from current computer.

3. From the computer you want to Activate, go to Help, Licensing
4. Click Activate, close window and open your job.


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