Time for the Sales Guy to jump into the blog, and my first post concerns…..


Sales is going to discuss Customer Support. Sales and Support here at PrebuiltML get along together. There is a simple reason for this – Sales will not promise what we don’t offer and Support is outstanding in what they do. 

Customer Support is more than knowledge and ability. Customer Support is an attitude.
There must be a desire to work with…

PrebuiltML In Person With New Exhibit Dates!

A quick news update, concerning our earlier blog post, autumn is a great time to reflect on
the end of a busy summer and to plan ahead for new projects.

We have been actively building an online presence through our website and other social media, but what about in person?  The human element can be easily blurred with the saturation of today’s forms…

Home Sales and Starts – Up, Down and all over the board

Since our “bubble” collapsed in 2008 the Construction market has become more volatile, especially the housing market. If we look at just 2014 so far, June housing starts dropped more than 9% from May while building permits were down 4.2%. Along comes July and housing starts shot up 22.9% with applications for building permits increasing 8.1%! August rolls in with…