16 Oct

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So sooner or later everyone notices that we have a couple of programs available (PrebuiltML X and ProTrade) and the questions arise:

  • Which software is right for our use?
  • What is the difference in the software?
  • How about cost (and this includes the question “Can we buy the program outright instead of on a subscription basis”)?
  • How do Support and Upgrades work?
  • Will Timmy and Lassie rescue Grandpa from the well? 

Let’s get some answers, shall we?

First, PrebuiltML X is a Framing Takeoff software. ProTrade is a flexible software that is designed for the Trades (Paint, Flooring, Roofing, Siding and Concrete to name a few).

Next, let’s talk the selection process and what each software offers. To make it simple, if you want to do framing takeoffs you will want the PrebuiltML X. Some of the features are available in both versions. The Digitizer is the same although the PrebuiltML X has some Framing-specific tools that are absent in ProTrade. Layouts are available in both versions. BIG difference is the database setup. PrebuiltML X has an included database that contains over 50 million items (that is not a typo). ProTrade has no included database but is designed for the user to create the Trade-specific Applications and Products that are needed.

A quick note on the ProTrade database……our Development team set this up to be quick and easy. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Our pricing structure is as unique as our software. We work from a subscription based system. PrebuiltML X is $60.00/month and ProTrade is $30.00/month (Sales Tax may apply in some areas). We include Support, a 1 hour online orientation session and all upgrades. There are no setup or maintenance fees. We do not sell the program outright for a good reason – with the subscription service the software will always be up to date and you will always have access to Support.

So there you have the basics. For more information you can call me (866-827-1067), email me ( or visit our website ( A 14 day free trial is available.

written by: Lonnie Keplar


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Please contact Software Support with any questions or concerns that you have, or give us a call at 866.203.4023.

Also, check out our Support Page.

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