7 Jun

As a contractor, you know that time is money. The more time you spend on the job, the more profitable your company can be. However, if you fail to bring in enough business, your company can go under. Yet spending too much time in the office working on estimates can increase your overhead, eating into your profitability. How do you find a good balance?

When you work with flooring, having the right takeoff software helps get your estimates done quickly and easily. Though how do you know which commercial flooring estimating software is the right one for your business? What aspects of the software you’re considering are important to your company’s overall financial picture?

To help answer these questions, here’s a quick look at how to select the best flooring estimating software for your contracting company:

Less Cost Commitment

The first area many contractors look at when considering Commercial estimating software is the cost. We’ve all seen trade show displays with amazing software, just to realize that it has an obnoxiously expensive price. Fortunately, today’s flooring contractor has more options available than traditional estimating software packages. Digitization has led to the rise of Software as a service (SaaS). This means that instead of having to invest a huge amount of money for a piece of software that you’ve only seen work in a demo, you can simply pay a low monthly fee for access to that software.

Improved Accuracy and Better Profits

Beyond the advantages of this type of service delivery, there are other areas to consider. As you well know, the accuracy of your calculations in preparing an estimate can have a big impact on whether you make money or run in the red for a project. Good flooring takeoff software provides you with a number of tools to help ensure you’re creating an accurate estimate.

The software should include a digitizer to allow you to easily import the project’s plans for the process. Better software packages include point-and-click measurements, allowing you to complete your measurements more quickly than switching between PDFs and a spreadsheet. The software’s materials database should be adaptable to your specific needs, allowing you to limit it to only the items your flooring company uses. From the information you enter, the software should be able to automatically generate materials lists to help you reduce waste and maximize profits.

A Few More Considerations

Other options to look for include flexibility in creating layouts and adding notes to the plans for your crew in the field. The software’s layout tools should be easy to use — with intuitive design, a user-friendly interface and plenty of support to help you get the most benefits possible out of the package.

As you work through the plans, you’ll want to be able to add notes to mark unique aspects of the plans that will need to be followed in the field.

By carefully selecting the best flooring takeoff software for your company, you can rest assured that you’re optimizing your business so that you’re spending as little time as possible working on estimates while still gaining plenty of new business. 

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