2 Sep

With starting a new construction project, a good foundation is crucial to a solid home. So, we at PrebuiltML – takeoff software, would like to start with a good foundation of how our blog postings will be organized and how that organized help will assist you with your next construction takeoff project.  To start out, take in a sampling of our existing resources and a few of our new ideas:

Takeoff Software Tips and Hints

To help you use our takeoff software; by delivering quick resourceful guides and videos to help you get your next job done right. Browse through our PrebuiltML YouTube Channel for more videos or get started with this great YouTube video playlist “General Flow of a Project”.

New Software Releases

Know exactly what is coming up new with our software and how it can assist in your next takeoff project .  Check out our previous release notes at our PrebuiltML Facebook page.

Company Advances

You are making an important investment of time and resources with the use of our takeoff software and we want PrebuiltML to be well worth your investment.  From time to time, we like to highlight the things we’re doing within our company as we continually look for ways to improve.  For more information about who we are and what we are doing, visit our About Page or if you have any questions please Contact Us!

New News

Useful articles of timely construction news.  We understand how valuable it is to be informed of what is happening in today’s ever-changing construction market.  Give a read of our recent article we highlighted earlier this year.


We want to hear from you

The most important item to our journey building and growing our takeoff software PrebuiltML is the human element, the person using our software.  We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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