19 Jul
How can you increase the size of the Digitizer window in PrebuiltML?
If you have multiple monitors, the windows in the program can be moved to alternate monitors. This allows you to maximize the Digitizer window on your main monitor. 



Four Quick and easy steps to a larger Digitizer window:

In PrebuiltML the Pages, Takeoff Items, Markup Items and Bookmarks windows can be moved to alternate screens.
Step 1.  Locate the Tear Out icon (image below)


Tear out


Step 2. Left click on the icon and drag the window to the desired location. Once moved to an alternate monitor you can resize to the desired size or minimize.

Step 3. Repeat the process in Step 2 for each window that you would like to move.

Step 4. Once you have completed moving the windows you can now maximize the Digitizer window, creating a larger work area to use for the takeoff.


Digi only


To “re-dock” the windows you must “Save” and “Exit” the program.