3 Sep

See it Easier, Note it Easier

with PrebuiltML’s New Software Release 4.7.0

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Additional Digitizers

In the latest version of PrebuiltML’s New Software Release 4.7.0 – takeoff software, you are no longer limited to having just a single digitizer window.  Now you can be drawing a floor plan in one window, and have a second digitizer window open in which you can navigate to other pages, view them, draw on them, measure on them, and more! Observe the flexibility and potential of this feature in this Demo Video.

More Flexible Note Making

Based on user feedback, the notes feature has been revamped and has gained great flexibility:

  • Keep your “Manage Notes” window up at all times
  • Write your notes while you change pages in the digitizer or navigate through your list at the same time
  • Compose 2, 3, or more notes in parallel
  • View your “Notes” and “Notes Order” in the same window
  • When composing a note, now the only “required” field is the note “Title”. All other fields in the note format are optional.

Check out this Demo Video that reviews the new functionality

Other New Features

  • Custom Pitch – The maximum pitch that can be specified was changed from 22/12 to 50/12 to better accommodate gambrel style roofs.
  • New Short Cut Keys for Plan Prep:
    • Rotate Page Right – Ctrl+R
    • Rotate Page Left – Ctrl+Shift+R
    • Straighten Page – Ctrl+G
    • Scaling Line – Ctrl+H
  • Hanger Schedule Import – There are now two import options for the hanger schedule tab.  The existing behavior of simply “adding to” the list while NOT over writing any matching items is still available by using the “import” button.  New behavior that overwrites any matching items can be accessed in the “Import (overwrite)” button.


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