3 Nov

PrebuiltML New Software Release 4.8.0:

Another Leap Forward!


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In this version we have taken wall assemblies to a whole new level – more flexibility, “linkability”, and other features to improve efficiency as you take-off the wall materials for your project! See first-hand for yourself:

New Features


•  Linkable Wall Assemblies 

•  Reporting Material in Alternate Packs 

•  Copy Wall Assembly Feature

 •  “Measure”  Feature 

 •  Other Features 

    • Sheet Numbers on Framing Layouts
    • More Flexibility in Entries made for Wall Lengths
    • “Clear” and “Edit” Buttons added to the Notes Tab
    • Updates to the “PET Studs” feature
    • Allow for EWP Material to receive Stud Stocking Lengths

Something to Note: Old and New Files

Keep in mind that due to some of the new features, files that have been saved in this latest version of the program will no longer be able to be opened in a previous version of the software.  However, all older files can be brought forward into this current version.

Questions?  We want to know! You’re our #1 priority!

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