29 Jan

PrebuiltML New Software Release 4.9.0:

A New Version, A New Look!


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What’s New?

• A NEW Look! – We have modernized the look and feel of our software, with new icons, colors, logos and styling. When you install this latest version, you will experience it first hand, but for those that enjoy the “original” look, you can revert to a more familiar style by going to File/Settings… and selecting the “Classic” interface option.


• SKU Matching and Priced Reports – If you have been looking for a solution to match your product output from PrebuiltML to Your Own SKU and Price, contact us and we can walk you through how to make use of the very functional Beta version of our pricing tool that is available in this release. We anticipate rolling out an even more complete solution in the coming months!


Other Changes and New Things: 


• Reports/ View List Location – To print out your list, you used to go to the “File” menu and select the desired report from there. But now, simply navigate to the “Reports” tab located in the Project, right next to the Framing Layouts tab and find your desired output style. All of the same functionality exists – it just has a new home.

• Save Reminder Location – The save reminder felt a little out of place on the General tab, so we moved it to its proper home in the “File/Settings…” menu.

• Overlay a Grid on a Page – Right click on a page name and chose to add a grid in varying increments. This can be an aid for projects with limited or no plan information.

• A New Name – In addition to updating our look, we also updated the name of our product to “PrebuiltML X.”



Questions?  We want to know! You’re our #1 priority!

Please contact Software Support with any questions or concerns that you have. You can create a support ticket by going to your account at or give us a call at 866.203.4023.

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