Are you looking for construction takeoff software?

Take a scanned construction plan and with PrebuiltML you can quickly perform a takeoff using our powerful digitizer drawing tools. From the takeoff you can generate a list of materials needed for your project.

We have expanded our software line to three versions so you can choose what you need to get the job done.


This is the original software suite that started out PrebuiltML’s name. Great for lumber dealers and general contractors, PrebuiltML X is designed for the user to perform takeoffs on framing projects quickly. Equipped with hundreds of construction application uses and a database with 50+ million products, PrebuiltML X is ready for your projects – from the smallest shed to High Density Housing and Commercial buildings.


Our customers asked and we listened. PrebuiltML Protrade is our new version with user defined construction applications and products specific to your needs. PROtrade still uses our on screen digitizer and layouts with a set of report functions.


You don’t want to commit to a subscription plan but you would like to use a digitizer for your takeoffs? No problem! This basic version will allow you to measure your plans and print out a basic report – and it’s free!

PrebuiltML Free Trial

Try out our PrebuiltML X or PrebuiltML PROtrade with a free 14 day trial. Included is our live customer support and full access to our Support Page with our Knowledge Base and Video Library.


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