Tip of the Week – Show Scale within Pages List

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
After scaling your pages, have you ever wanted to show scale in the Pages List?
During a takeoff, many times there will be several pages scaled differently. How does the user know what the page has been scaled to? This and more information is available in the right click options that may not be…

PrebuiltML In Person With New Exhibit Dates!

A quick news update, concerning our earlier blog post, autumn is a great time to reflect on
the end of a busy summer and to plan ahead for new projects.

We have been actively building an online presence through our website and other social media, but what about in person?  The human element can be easily blurred with the saturation of today’s forms…

Tip of the Week – Setting Stocking Lengths

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Would you like to change the stocking lengths for Lumber or EWP material?
• Stocking lengths can quickly be set for all Lumber and EWP as a whole.
• Specific Stocking Lengths can also be set for specific products. 

Here’s how you do it:
1. Go to the Profile tab and select the Stocking Lengths tab.

2. Set…

A Time to Review: PrebuiltML

We at PrebuiltML have been working hard to develop changes to our online presence and we would like to offer you a quick recap of new features.

Our goal is to increase coverage throughout the Web and deliver more support options to our customers. Like this post, we have started some new sources to spread ideas and information publicly. While…