Tip of the Week – Common Scaled Layouts

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Can I print my layout in a commonly used scale?

Yes! – Layouts can be printed off in a “ruler-scalable” format for more convenient use in the field by framers and installers.

How to create a layout in a common scale:
Step 1. In the Projects “Framing Layouts” tab, select the layout paper size. For this…

Tip of the Week – Area Volume (AVM)

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
I need to estimate an area in cubic yards for a concrete slab. Is there a way to do that?

Area Volume (AVM) is used when the estimator needs to determine the cubic yards, or volume needed to cover a square footage area. An example of such use would be a garage slab. 


Tip of the Week – Creating Usage Notes

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Can you create a note for a specific set of products within your material list and have a reference to that note show in your report on the same line?

While performing a takeoff you notice that the structural pages call for TJI floor joists while the architectural pages call for 2×10. You…

Tip of the Week – Creating a Report Note

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
How can I create a note and have it show in my report?
When performing a take-off, an estimator will invariably run into situations that are not made clear by the blueprints. The key, when faced with this situation, is to communicate clearly to the customer what decision was made. One of the ways…

Choosing the right PrebuiltML Software for your needs!


So sooner or later everyone notices that we have a couple of programs available (PrebuiltML X and ProTrade) and the questions arise:

Which software is right for our use?
What is the difference in the software?
How about cost (and this includes the question “Can we buy the program outright instead of on a subscription basis”)?
How do Support…

Turn up the VOLUME!

That is Volume as in quantity – something new from PrebuiltML! Sales Guy again, and our latest release has included volumes of concrete and fill for PrebuiltML X and ProTrade! 

Cubic Yards are now included in the quantities available and – as always – at no extra charge. This isn’t an add-on or module to buy. We don’t work that way.…

PrebuiltML ProTrade – New Software Release 4.2.1

PrebuiltML ProTrade
New Software Release 4.2.1:
Estimate Volumes!

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What’s New?
Concrete, Rock and Dirt –
Find your Cubic Yards now!

Estimating Volume – Have you been wanting to estimate how many yards of concrete you need for your slabs? Or…