Tip of the Week – Rename and Remove Custom Products

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Have you created a custom product that you would like to rename or completely remove from your master template file?
In previous software versions, deletion or renaming of a custom product was not an option. Therefore if a custom product had been created in the base template and was no longer needed, the user acquired a…

PrebuiltML X – New Software Release 4.9.6

PrebuiltML X New Software Release 4.9.6:
Estimate Volumes!

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What’s New?
New Tools, Updated Features
1 – Estimating Volume – Have you been wanting to estimate how many yards of concrete you need for your slabs? Or how much dirt you will…

Tip of the Week – Bulk Rename Feature

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Would you like to easily rename several of your plan pages at one time? You can do this with the Bulk Rename feature.

Helpful Hint: Your scanned construction plan page copies has a generic name you don’t want, for example “Scanned_Page_001”.  With the Bulk Rename Feature you can change those plan page names quickly to…