Tip of the Week – Common Scaled Layouts

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Can I print my layout in a commonly used scale?

Yes! – Layouts can be printed off in a “ruler-scalable” format for more convenient use in the field by framers and installers.

How to create a layout in a common scale:
Step 1. In the Projects “Framing Layouts” tab, select the layout paper size. For this…

Tip of the Week – Show Scale within Pages List

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
After scaling your pages, have you ever wanted to show scale in the Pages List?
During a takeoff, many times there will be several pages scaled differently. How does the user know what the page has been scaled to? This and more information is available in the right click options that may not be…

Tip of the Week – Straighten Page Feature

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Would you like to straighten a page that was scanned in crooked?
You don’t have to re-scan the page, just use the “Straighten Page” feature.
Here’s how you do it:

1.  Add the page into the Plan tab by clicking on the “Add Pages” button located in the upper left of the screen. Note that the page…