Tip of the Week – Common Scaled Layouts

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Can I print my layout in a commonly used scale?

Yes! – Layouts can be printed off in a “ruler-scalable” format for more convenient use in the field by framers and installers.

How to create a layout in a common scale:
Step 1. In the Projects “Framing Layouts” tab, select the layout paper size. For this…

Tip of the Week – Page Scaling

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
What if you have a roof drawn at 1/8″ scale but your elevation/exterior is 1/4″ scale? How do you handle a page with items shown at multiple scales?
Use the “Copy Page” feature!
Here’s how you do it:
1. Add your page image in the Plan tab.

2.Right mouse click on the page and select, “Make a copy…