12 Feb


Here at PrebuiltML we like to update our software.  In fact, we brag about the frequency of our Updates and where a lot of the ideas for them come from.  Here we are going to look at the frequency and content a little closer.

First, it would help to understand our process a little.  We have an in-house development staff dedicated to our software.  They are constantly working to improve the function of the software.  They are the driving force behind implementing the new features we like to roll out.  While a little on the odd side (as we think most developers are), they really are a collection of easy to like, hardworking people who make sure that PrebuiltML Software is always improving.



Our team always has a list of current updates being worked on and a list of future and possible updates.  Some of these are driven by features that have been planned but only Adam really knows when and where they come from, but the majority come from one source:  our Customers.

So how does a Customer request a feature?  It’s pretty simple, really.  Call Support (866-203-4023) and mention you have an idea for a new feature.  We will write it down and forward it to our Development team.  They will evaluate the request and decide what action (if any) should be taken.  If the feature makes the Developer’s cut it will go in the pool of feature requests.  It will then be added to a future release.

So how many requests actually make it to a release?   Here is a partial list of the features that have been incorporated in the last year based on user requests: