Trades That Use Takeoff Software


With the push for digitization in today’s world, there are more trades using takeoff software than ever before. Digital takeoff software can make it much easier to complete estimates without spending all your time in the office, lowering your overhead and improving your business’s profitability. When it comes to digital takeoff software, PrebuiltML’s estimating system helps you build digital takeoff lists with minimal effort, no matter what your construction trade.

PrebuiltML offers two software packages to serve multiple trades.



As any roofing contractor knows, there’s more to a roofing takeoff than simply counting squares of material. That’s why PrebuiltML is designed to help you with its comprehensive selection of tools for estimating flashing, sealant, decking and any number of similar materials. Instead of spending a lot of time in the office poring over plans, our roofing takeoff software makes your job easier.


If there’s one thing that concrete customers rarely understand, it’s that concrete can set up differently based on a wide range of conditions. That’s why our digital takeoff software makes it easy to customize the overall materials used in a project. Whether you need to add a retarder to slow down a hot August pour or provide fibers for superior resistance to cracking in a high-strength pour, the user-defined database makes them easy to add to your project in our software package.

CMU Walls

Whether the project you’re working for is a simple concrete block masonry wall to secure a yard or a reinforced filled block solution for a safe room, having the tools to do the job correctly is an important part of the job. PrebuiltML is one of those tools, allowing you to quickly lay out the project’s needs. Your estimate process doesn’t need to be set in stone with our estimating software, but can remain flexible and profitable for your business.


It can take an expert to understand the complexities of paint project takeoff, and our estimating software reflects that level of nuance. Instead of painting yourself into a corner with your estimating process, why not break free with our digital takeoff software? By automating your process, you’ll be able to spend more time in the field making money and less time in the office completing paperwork.


Tired of working with takeoff options that assume that you only install basic vinyl siding on homes or businesses? Siding can utilize a world of materials on a wide assortment of structures, and your estimating process should reflect that level of customization. Don’t settle for digital takeoff software that can’t keep up with your client’s demands. PrebuiltML’s wide assortment of tools and options make it a great choice for siding installation.

Though many of your customers don’t understand the differences between installing a floating laminate floor and putting down penny tiles, we know how complex your projects can be. That’s why PrebuiltML makes it easy to adapt to a wide range of project demands and reflect that requirement in your takeoff process. Our digital takeoff software lets you take off simple or complex floors while minimizing your paperwork requirement.

PrebuiltML X

Commercial Framers

Commercial framing encompasses a wide range of techniques and materials. Whether your latest project is a new school, assisted living complex or high-density housing, having the flexibility to quickly change the standard materials you’re using is vital to determine exact totals. Commercial projects often hinge on a dollar’s difference between contracting firms. Trades using takeoff software are getting a leg up on costs and decreasing overall waste.


If you offer a takeoff solution to your customers, PrebuiltML X can make the takeoff process faster and more accurate. The digitizer tools allow you to count, measure, find areas, assign pitch, choose applications and products and then sort the way you (or your customer) want to see it. The time saving is also present on the back end, where you can choose from more than a dozen report types, create a framing layout and export directly to Excel or BuilderTrend!


From tract homes, duplexes and quads to custom-built homes, PrebuiltML X shines through. With a database consisting of more than 50 million items, you will spend little time adding items to a job. With the ability to draw floor assemblies, roof containers, wall assemblies and ceiling joists, PrebuiltML X is ready to go!

Trades using estimating software are seeing significant improvements in their company’s bottom line. No matter what trade you’re in, the benefits of PrebuiltML’s comprehensive digital takeoff software provide an excellent way to improve your company’s overhead and profitability. Try it today to spend less time in the office and more time in the field.