Comprehensive Lumber Takeoff Software

In the construction industry, office time means lost productivity and lower profitability. The more time you spend in the office on tasks that cannot be billed to a client, the higher your overhead costs. This includes lumber takeoff and estimating tasks. Fortunately, lumber takeoff software can help reduce this time to a bare minimum, keeping you on the job site and at a higher level of profitability than ever before. Here’s a look at how PrebuiltML’s software can help.

What Is Lumber Takeoff Software?

Lumber takeoff software moves your takeoff process from paper and pen or multiple programs and places it in a single, easy-to-use program. Instead of making mistakes on paper plans or having to switch between multiple windows to get the job done, our software allows you to go through the entire process on a single screen. This vastly reduces the time you spend going back and forth. By limiting the time spent on takeoffs, you can turn to more profitable work for your business.

Our lumber takeoff software — PrebuiltML X — can be used from dealer to framer. It provides a comprehensive set of tools that can be used to lay out not only framing work, but also a wide range of other trades including concrete, siding and roofing. This makes it a comprehensive package to handle the entire project, not just the framing. The software features a suite of tools that help reduce waste and increase profitability on every project.

Get It Done Faster and More Accurately

The user-friendly design, 50 million item database and point-and-click takeoff process are just a few of the features found in PrebuiltML X that will help you get out of the office and back to other tasks faster. Our built-in digitizer makes scanning and measuring plans simple, while the export process allows you to take your list into a PDF or Excel format in just a few clicks. With our unlimited tech support, large video tutorial library and 24-hour knowledge base, any questions you may have are quickly and easily answered without wasting time.

Why Choose PrebuiltML X?

PrebuiltML X has a wide range of features that help you optimize your estimating process. It features a 50 million-item database, allowing you to quickly and easily find just about any product or material you need to get the job done. The software’s features enable you to lay out a project and avoid waste as much as possible, so you can develop a comprehensive materials list for your project.

PrebuiltML X makes it simple to communicate framing layouts, notes and cuts to your crew in the field, minimizing your need to constantly handle calls from the job site. The Reports and Publish features create material lists that are much easier from which to bid, load and build than the difficult-to-understand lists that are often produced by other software packages.

Take the Next Step With PrebuiltML

By adding our software to your office toolbox, you can quickly improve your company’s profitability and lower your overhead. Our low monthly rates mean you don’t need to make a heavy investment right out of the box and can cancel at any time with no additional cost. Why not see what PrebuiltML X can do for your company with our free 14-day trial? Contact us today to get started.


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