Masonry Takeoff Software Solutions

Digitization is creating revolutionary changes in the construction industry, and the best way to take advantage of this dynamic shift is by incorporating masonry takeoff software — PrebuiltML’s PROtrade — into your business.

When you add masonry takeoff software to your company’s takeoff process, you’re increasing the productivity of everyone in that department. Your company will lower its overhead by saving time and money while your estimates can be produced faster and more accurately than in the past. However, not all masonry takeoff software is the same. Here’s why PROtrade is one of the best options available on the market.

What Is Masonry Takeoff Software?

Masonry takeoff software provides a range of tools to help streamline your company’s takeoff process. Essentially, it will have a takeoff calculator to help you determine the amount and type of materials needed for a project. Though to work efficiently, you need more than a simple calculator to get the job done. PrebuiltML’s PROtrade includes:

• A quality digitizer to help you see every aspect of the plans on which you’re working

• Intuitive controls to make the process go quickly

• A friendly interface that makes it easy to complete the takeoff process without a lot of technical issues

Our software also allows you to develop a takeoff materials list that is simple to create


Save Time and Money

PROtrade masonry takeoff software has a high degree of automation. Instead of having to spend a lot of time in the office switching between windows, PROtrade allows you to have multiple digitizer windows open, so you can access all the views you need on a single program. Instead of worrying about whether the team in the field gets your notes on a particularly tricky bit of construction, you can simply create notes that stay with your crew throughout the process. You can export up to six types of materials lists into Excel, making it easy to prepare a customized quote that has a professional appearance. At the same time, the reduced amount of time you’ll spend in the office means you can spend more time in the field — applying your knowledge and resources where they’re the most profitable.

The PROtrade Difference

Many of our competitors are focused on selling you an expensive software package that will require regular updates while demanding additional funds for every optional tool, available database or other fee. Not so with PROtrade. Instead of paying high fees for a piece of software you’re not sure will get the job done, you only need to pay a low subscription fee every month for access to PROtrade that you can cancel at any time. That’s it. No hidden fees, extra costs or risk involved.


Take the Next Step With PrebuiltML Today

Are you ready to see what PrebuiltML’s PROtrade masonry takeoff package has to offer your company? Everything is included in your free trial. We’ll just provide you with solid, efficient masonry takeoff software at a single low monthly cost. Instead of wasting more time dreaming about your future, make it happen.

Discover the difference PROtrade can make in your business by signing up for your free trial today.


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