Masonry Takeoff Software

PrebuiltML PROtrade


What Is Masonry Takeoff Software?

Masonry takeoff software provides a range of tools to help streamline your company's takeoff process. Essentially, it will have a takeoff calculator to help you determine the amount and type of materials needed for a project. Though to work efficiently, you need more than a simple calculator to get the job done. PrebuiltML's PROtrade includes:

  • A quality digitizer to help you see every aspect of the plans on which you’re working
  • Intuitive controls to make the process go quickly
  • A friendly interface that makes it easy to complete the takeoff process without a lot of technical issues

Our software also allows you to develop a takeoff materials list that is simple to create

PrebuiltML X Software

The PROtrade Difference

Many of our competitors are focused on selling you an expensive software package that will require regular updates while demanding additional funds for every optional tool, available database or other fee. Not so with PROtrade. Instead of paying high fees for a piece of software you're not sure will get the job done, you only need to pay a low subscription fee every month for access to PROtrade that you can cancel at any time. That's it. No hidden fees, extra costs or risk involved.