Painting Takeoff Software

When it comes to the painting business, time is money. Watch in just 3 minutes how PrebuiltML’s PROtrade software can help you save time, money, and yet maintain accuracy in your paint estimates. 

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From Plans to Materials List

With PROtrade the process is simple to turn your set of blueprints into exactly what you need: whether that is just the raw square and linear footages for the project, or even a list of actual materials to send out to the job site.

Save Time and Money

Our PROtrade painting takeoff software helps you expedite your company’s takeoff process. The high degree of automation helps you save time, allowing you to lower your overhead expenses while raising your profitability as you can spend more time on the job site.


Affordable Quality

PROtrade is a competitively priced, subscription-based software solution, allowing you to adjust your software purchases to your business needs instead of paying a huge lump sum up front.

And even more significant – along with this affordable pricing, you still get the fully featured version of the software and ALL of the high-quality, world class support that you need!  All included – no extra charge.


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World Class Support Included

All You Can Eat
Expert software needs expert support. Our customers have access to unlimited support from our experienced team. You can call 6:00 am – 4:30pm PST for assistance and we’ll do our best to help you.

24 Hour Knowledge Base
When our support team isn’t available, you still have 24-hour access to our Knowledge Base online support center. Our Knowledge Base can give you instructions, explanations and help with almost any feature our PreBuiltML X software offers.

Unlimited Videos
Need to know how to use a feature. You’ll also have access to a video library which covers the majority of our standard features and functions. Our videos list is available whenever you need it.