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Over the years, the painting trade has seen some revolutionary ideas: rosin paper, masking tape, latex paint, additives. However, one of the most revolutionary changes to our industry is happening right now in the form of digital transformation. Though companies have been doing painting takeoffs for years, digitization is creating a better way to get your estimates done. Yet what is painting takeoff and how can you improve your company's process?

Takeoff software for painting has been around for a few years, but often required you to stay in the office. Digitization is making that process more mobile, allowing you to work where you want, when you want — saving time and money that could better be spent in the field. PrebuiltML's PROtrade software provides the tools you need to make it happen, all at a single low monthly rate.

What Is Painting Takeoff Software?

Painting takeoff software gives you a wide range of tools that help you quickly develop accurate estimates for clients. When you use PrebuiltML's PROtrade painting takeoff software, you can quickly complete your on-screen takeoffs using our solid digitizer by just importing the project plans into the file. You can then turn that information into a solid quote by using up to six report options that can be easily exported to Excel — allowing you to customize your quote to match your company's branding strategy.

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Why Should I Choose PROtrade?

Most painting takeoff software companies want a big payment upfront. When you're trying to find the right fit for your company, who wants to spend a lot on software they're not sure will work? PROtrade is a subscription-based software solution that allows you to only pay for it when you need it. We also include all of our features in our low monthly rate.

By incorporating PrebuiltML's PROtrade takeoff software for painting, you can get your best business now. Reduce the time spent in the office, improve quote accuracy and see better profits.