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Roofing Takeoff Software

You don’t have any time to waste in the office. PrebuiltML is a roofing takeoff software that will save you time and money. PROtrade is a roofing takeoff software for the professional trade that manages plans, material lists, field notes and other information relevant to your project in one software application. PROtrade is an easy-to-use roofing estimating construction software with the latest technology to facilitate your takeoff process and improve your bottom line. PrebuiltML’s PROtrade software allows you to digitize your project so that you can export your final roofing takeoff in an Excel file or PDF. Your estimates will be accurate, minimize waste and maximize return.

PROtrade software is a flexible takeoff system that can generate square foot of pitched roof area, linear foot of ridge and counts for other items.

PROtrade Makes Your Roofing Takeoff Faster and Easier.
With PROtrade roofing takeoff software, you can easily create your own Database by setting your preferences with the applications and products you use: Composite Roofing, Shake, Concrete Tile, Steel, and more. These preferences can be saved for all of your takeoffs. It’s easy to use; just import your plans (files accepted PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, Jif, Tiff, or Ico) and your takeoff will be finished with our on-screen Digitizer. The PROtrade roofing estimating construction takeoff software is accurate and straightforward, providing a complete software solution for all of your takeoff needs!
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Output You Can Count On

Accurate Material Lists
PROtrade gives you an accurate material list so that you can get your roofing job done properly. Reduce excess, stay on track and increase profitability.

Precise Layouts
Improve your plans with visuals. PROtrade has the tools to create layouts to look exactly how you want them.

Add Notes to Better Communicate
Clear communication can avoid costly mistakes. With PROtrade’s notes tool you can add comments and notes to your plans to clarify and explain things on your plan.

PROtrade Employs a User-Defined Database.
A database set up with your chosen Items and Applications, how you need them. PROtrade’s experienced development team designed a quick and easy way for our users to build their own databases.