21 Apr
I like using Hotkeys to simplify my takeoffs, but it is difficult to remember the key strokes. Is it possible to configure them to keystrokes that I am familiar with?

Yes it is! You can make use of an extensive list of Hotkeys AND assign customized keystrokes for each command.

  • Save time by using hotkeys
    • Ctrl+S To save your project any time, anywhere within the program
    • F6 to open the Floor Container Tool
  • Change these commands to keystrokes that best fits you and your work:
Efficiency is saving time and money. Being able to do your Takeoff’s quicker and be accurate translates into more business!
Steps to customize Your Hotkeys

  1. Go to Tools/settings
  2. Select the Hotkeys tab
  3. Click into the field with the current keystroke assignment and reassign the Hotkey
    • Key assignments should follow these guidelines:
      • Use the “control” key (ctrl), and any alpha-numeric key
      • Or assign a function key (e.g.”F8″)

*If a Default keystroke is set, it will display the default to the right.(image below)

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