22 Feb

Consider the following story about a sales office at a ready-mix concrete company:

Everyone was up especially early to get the bids in on time and weren’t necessarily firing on all cylinders yet. Then it happened. One of the sales reps transposed a few numbers and, suddenly, instead of making a great profit on thousands of yards of concrete, the company was facing a serious loss. Within a matter of moments, the atmosphere turned from one of frantic productivity to sheer panic.

We’ve all had it happen — mistakes occur in the estimating process that can cause significant problems down the road. Yet how do we avoid mistakes like that without wasting a lot of extra time in the office every day? Fortunately, the advent of digitization have made the process much easier. Today’s estimating software can provide significant benefits by helping you work more quickly while avoiding common mistakes. Here’s a quick look at some examples where mistakes could be avoided by using estimating software.

Provide Clients With Detailed Quotes

Have you ever had a customer who wanted to know every detail of the quote as well as a general overview? It can take a lot of time to revise your proposal paperwork and resubmit it with every detail after you’ve completed it already by hand. Estimating software provides you with a very fine level of detail that is sufficient to satisfy any prospective client, while revising a quote takes only a few moments instead of having to start from scratch.

Accuracy Is Greatly Improved 

In the concrete company above, it was a last-minute change that made a simple but costly mistake. When an item is forgotten, a formula is wrong or a calculation is incomplete, the change from a profitable job to one that’s running in the red happens in a matter of moments. With estimating software, the calculations are done for you, making it much easier to know that you are providing your prospect with accurate numbers, even at the last minute.

Create Comprehensive Estimates

When you prepare an estimate by hand, it’s easy to get caught up in listing everything in the areas where you are strong while having insufficient detail in the specialties where you are weak. When you use estimating software, the program gives the same weight to every area, making you look much more professional and thorough in your paperwork.

Estimating software can provide you with the opportunity to avoid mistakes while lowering overhead and improving profitability. However, which software is the right one for you? PrebuiltML’s PROtrade provides you with the right tools for your specific trade’s needs; while our PrebuiltML X gives general contractors and suppliers the advanced tools to cover every aspect of the job. To discover how well this software can streamline your estimating process, sign up for a 14-day free trial today.