About Us

Estimators At Our Core

At PrebuiltML, one of the things we enjoy sharing about is how we came to produce our Estimating Software solution.  The truth is, we did not start off as a software company.  Instead we began as a framing crew back in the 1990’s that worked out in the real world in all kinds of weather.  After some years of field experience, the business shifted to start providing material quantity estimates for construction projects.   With customers that would eventually be across the 50 States, ranging from “big box” stores to “mom and pop” lumber yards, we quickly grew in understanding of how to service our assorted customer base with their varying regional building practices, product types, and custom preferences.  To do this with excellence, we needed software.  And since nothing on the market was quite right, we started making our own.

Software For Estimators, By Estimators

Over the years we iterated several times on the software solution that would truly allow us to do our material estimating service work well.  When it came to material estimating software, we knew what would work and what would not because we had to live and breathe it every day.  Any inefficiencies and hurdles that we faced came out of our OWN bottom line, so we were compelled to always improve and change.   We identified the tools and helps that would make our life easier.  We massaged out the kinks that slowed us down.  And we made the enhancements we needed to help us efficiently deliver quality outputs to our customers.  Ultimately, we refined this software tool into the offering that we now call PrebuiltML. 

Still Estimating Today

Today we STILL provide estimating services as our core business.  Every month our own team puts out millions of SF of take-offs through our own system. We don’t think you’ll find another estimating software provider so closely connected to “the real world”.  And we are excited that this tight connection translates into an excellent estimating solution not only for us, but also for you and your team.

So come join us in the PrebuiltML community and find out why Estimating Software built FOR estimators BY estimators is the experience you need for your business.