Project Tracking.

Cloud Storage.

Project Tracking Software

Optimize your full structure takeoff software with our all-in-one cloud-based storage, tracking, and collaboration solution.

  • Track your projects

Keep track of all the projects on your plate; what’s been completed, what’s still due, and more.

  • Connect your team

Your sales team, estimators, managers, and external contacts can all stay connected and informed.

  • Stay organized

Our cloud storage solution will keep all your files organized in one place.

  • Stay connected

Our free mobile app keeps you up to date from anywhere with an internet connection.

Get all of these great features and more with the
PrebuiltML X2 full frame takeoff package.

Project Tracking Integration


While you’re completing estimating projects in PrebuiltML X, our tracking software works in the background to keep you and your team organized .

10 GB – 100 GB+ of free Cloud Storage Included

Project Tracking for X2 and X3

Get Project Tracking with PrebuiltML X2 and X3 packages

Project Tracking App

Get the Free App for Apple and Android Smartphones