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No longer do you need to spend precious time manually completing your construction takeoff. PrebuiltML offers commercial and professional trade estimating construction software to streamline your takeoffs. Spend less time in your office and more time in the field with on screen takeoff software. Measurements can be taken with just a point and click. With PrebuiltML X, create accurate material lists with the right lengths and cuts, organized how you need it. With ProTrade, a database that you build with the Applications and Items that are relevant to your job.

PrebuiltML X and PROtrade estimating construction software will save you time and money. Focus your time on your job site, not in the office. Easily complete your takeoff and submit your bid. The materials lists generated from our on screen takeoff software are built with precise measurements so can you reduce waste and increase profitability. All of your information and preferences can be saved so changes are made easily, you don’t need to re-create your takeoff every time and you can keep everything organized and consistent. Lists can either be exported into Excel, for you to customize, or as a PDF file.

Don’t worry, an estimating construction software this robust is also easy to use. It really is as simple as point and click. Once you import your image file, you are ready to go with access to all of our tools and features in one platform. We designed PrebuiltML on screen takeoff software with you in mind and making your takeoff process as efficient and simple as possible. And your subscription is always up to date, no hassle with upgrades or updates.
Just straight forward pricing and a complete takeoff software package you can count on!

Two Versions To Better Serve You



the premier takeoff solution for the commercial, dealer, builder, and framer


Built on a 50+ million product database, PrebuiltML X manages your stocked products, lengths, and preferences so you don’t have to.


PrebuiltML X was built from the ground up specifically for Dealers, Builders and Framers. When it comes to them, no other software stacks up.


We believe better, more accurate lists means less waste and more savings. That is why PrebuiltML X produces the most complete takeoff lists today!



the number #1 trade takeoff solution for power, ease of use, and affordability


PrebuiltML PROtrade comes standard with the tools you need. No add-ons are necessary…we don’t even offer them. We give you what you need!


PrebuiltML’s digitizer is intuitive and functional. Just IMPORT, POINT & CLICK and OUTPUT your way to easier, better and quicker takeoffs.


At only $30 per month PrebuiltML PROtrade is quite likely the most affordable, professional grade takeoff software available!

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