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PrebuiltML supports estimators like you in collecting the information you need. Whether square footages, linear footages, or counts from a digital blueprint, PrebuiltML helps turn them into a list of products with your preferred lengths and sizes and puts them in a list that’s ready to bid or ship from.

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Above the “Standard”

Besides all of the standard “on-screen take off” features you would expect, PrebuiltML brings you far beyond with features allowing you to easily create “shippable” material lists: your specific products, customized to your preferences, cross checked for errors, and organized how you need it.  Where other software is leaving off, we have only just begun!

Save Time and Money

The tools and structure of PrebuiltML allows you to expedite your take off process:  Call one product and get numerous related products.   Create short cuts to make your frequent tasks even faster.  Or make use of a host of other ways that PrebuiltML is designed to make you more efficient and more accurate.

Like a Custom Home

No two businesses are exactly the same.  For this reason, PrebuiltML is structured to adjust to your business.  You get your products, your waste preferences, your stocking lengths, and even your SKUs.  Let PrebuiltML conform to the way YOU do business.

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