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“love the program and love your support system. “
David W, May 2024
“Great Program, easy to understand. Very fast to draw and quote.”
Phillip T, April 2024
“fast response easy to follow instructions”
David H, March 2024
“Support is always very fast and accurate. Great team! “
Dwayne B, March 2024
“Easy to navigate and cuts down the estimating time substantially”
Jason B, March 2024
“Great software”
Robert B, March 2024
“Easy and fast communication.”
Ian P, February 2024
“I’ve toted over the PrebuiltML team to multiple organizations across the construction industry. The live chat response time is incredible and there is always someone there with an answer”
Josh L, February 2024
“Doing an estimate now is much easier and quicker.”
Aaron H, February 2024
“The video explanation was great. You guys are so responsive it nice to know we have such a reliable resource.”
Ryan, February 2024
“Excellent support staff. Excellent software.”
Johnny G, February 2024
“Excellent software. The support is outstanding.”
David T, February 2024
“Great software, and easy to use, user-friendly, and very effective”
Sergio H, February 2024
“Fast accurate response from a real person.”
Mike T, February 2024
“Good support.”
Greg M, February 2024
“there are so many benefits to the software, it is hard to list them [all].”
Bryan B, February 2024
“Prompt service as always!”
Mike P, February 2024
“Reply came in under 5 minutes, and instantly solved the issue. Most [other companies’] support is “within 24 to 48 hours” and requires research. Fantastic.”
James P, February 2024
“Responded promptly to my chat request. Tech was friendly and knowledgeable and took care of my issue quickly.”
Chuck C, January 2024
“fast, concise feedback, A+”
Ryan L, January 2024
“Very prompt in action and anticipated my needs.”
Bill D, January 2024
“Your software is very thorough while still being easy to use.”
Amanda G, January 2024
“quick responsive email with a solution. awesome”
Christa G, January 2024
“quick response, questions answered, friendly, overall absolutely helpful.”
Michael M, January 2024
“This software allows changes to be made without having to redraw the items… It really takes out the time of having to reference charts back and forth…The formulas are easy to manipulate to custom a project.”
Heather F, January 2024
“great program. Makes building fun.”
Jason M, January 2024
“My life is soo much easier now!!”
Erik B, January 2024
Steven K, December 2023
“Quick reply that was easy to understand. Friendly.”
Hilary F, December 2023
“I really like the program.”
John H, December 2023
“Every single time i have a question, big or small, anyone that is able to connect to chat is able to help me with it. I have never left a chat feeling like i still didn’t know how to do what i was trying to do.”
Mike G, December 2023
“Very helpful and friendly”
Patrick C, December 2023
“always quick with replies and help”
Mike P, December 2023
“Support staff was awesome!! Super helpful”
Kevin K, November 2023
“Prompt service”
Wayne R, November 2023
“great program, great service”
Jon W, November 2023
“Does the job it’s supposed to do as advertised. A true time saver.”
Tim R, November 2023
“I use it daily, and it works great for me”
Lee S, November 2023
“Easy to use. Very versatile. Great customization.”
Don L, November 2023
“Jacob responded to my email in minutes with one sentence and a screen capture that explained the pack separation immediately. I’m still blown away by your customer support.”
Steve B, October 2023
“Sent a training video link that made it very easy.”
Cassel T, October 2023
“Great help and advice. Good Team”
Randy I, October 2023
“The video created just for me gave me the start I needed”
Tony I, October 2023
“Great service !”
Victor D, October 2023
“Great customer service response. Very helpful and genuinly a great experience. Helped me out very much.”
Gordon C, October 2023
“I have used this for almost 3 years now. I LOVE it! It’s a great bidding software to use. Aside from being extremely user friendly, there is an AMAZING support staff!”
Jason S, October 2023
“The software and support are better than anything else we’ve found.”
Sterling H, October 2023
“…when I use it I feel like I’m playing Play Station, I have a lot of fun, thank you.”
Omar H, October 2023
“helpful, fast”
Steve M, September 2023
“Easy to use.”
Steven N, September 2023
“Attention to details was amazing, and all of my questions were answered right away. Thank you!”
Tony D, September 2023
“I absolutely love how you make personalized videos to help your users. It’s so personal and no one else is doing this. Your customer service is on a different level. Thank you for your help and patience!”
Jacob H, September 2023
“Fast and efficient.”
Aaron H, August 2023
“I like what youve got going here”
Trevor B, August 2023
“Support is always outstanding!”
Goff H, August 2023
“For what I do here in Idaho Falls, it is a great tool, I have recommended to colleagues.”
Rod S, August 2023
“The software works well and the customer service is outstanding.”
David M, August 2023
“Easy program to learn, many great features”
Darren S, July 2023
“The support team is the best I’ve ever delt with. Always answers my questions and are willing to get onto my computer and walk me through a problem.”
Mike S, July 2023
“It’s very easy to use and adapt for the trades you need. I like merging of measurements on a particular page. Lots of features are very good and of course the price.”
Gabriel L, July 2023
“I use it all the time and it is very easy to use”
Jeff B, July 2023
“Excellent Service as Always.”
Tony V, July 2023
“Just Always on target.”
Don B, July 2023
“the greatest company ever, I use this product Daily for Work. I LOVE IT.”
Stephen B, June 2023
“Awesome service as usual!”
Bill R, June 2023
“I’m new to the software [it] makes everything easier. I can do my take offs faster. I’ve set my own shortcuts with all my hardware included. Just a few clicks and I’m done”
Epi G, May 2023
“I have been using Prebuilt for a number of years now and it’s been great takeoff product only surpassed by their customer service.”
Daniel P, May 2023
“[The software] continues to impress me with upgrades and performance enhancements, this tool has become my go to. Top notch technical support, which is second to none. Webinars and software updates are timely and help keep me current. Thanks”
Darin E, May 2023
“Great program and great support”
Matthew E, May 2023
“The best estimating software with outstanding product support.”
Brent S, May 2023
“Thorough base program with the ability to customize takeoffs. Intuitive use. Great support.”
Bob B, May 2023
Dennis M, May 2023
“Best, most user-friendly Estimating / Layout creating software I have used.”
Mitch R, May 2023
“My take-offs are on point and this latest software is great.”
Felipe Davila, May 2023
“It’s a very good program and the Customer Service is top notch.”
Derek S, May 2023
“Easy to use with great support.”
Jason B, April 2023
“Made a video just for me and sent it in under 5 minutes of sending the question! Who does that??”
Trisha L, April 2023
“You Guys are awesome. Excellent Customer Service”
John K, April 2023
“I’ve used various other takeoff software and Prebuilt is the easiest to learn, set up and use on a day to day basis.”
Jason E, April 2023
“Just keeps getting better and better!!”
Jeff G, March 2023
“good quick service”
Edward B, March 2023
“Great take of software, is easy to use, wide library of materials to select from.”
Jose I, March 2023
“Your customer service is outstanding. ALL your employees really care that I am able to run your program. The program is easy to use once it has been set up.”
Doug E, March 2023
“Very easy estimating program.”
Raymond P, February 2023
“Excellent product and service”
Steve H, February 2023
“Save time! Project are easy from bid to build.”
Aaron F, February 2023
“Always responds to any questions quickly when needed. I have been using Prebuilt for almost 8 years.”
Wayne M, February 2023
“Your software Rocks!!!”
Alan H, February 2023
“Great software. Great service.”
Jerry V, February 2023
“I love the software; it is very easy to use. and as a framer it will cut our takeoffs in half the time then [the] old ways of doing your takeoffs. The data base that you have in it makes life a lot easier.”
Francisco C, February 2023
“once [you’re] able to navigate though the program you can really get a good take off, the layout placement list is great for the field so they know where the materials are supposed to be placed.”
Scott S, February 2023
“This software does pretty much everything I need it to do as the foundation to my estimating business.”
Tony M, February 2023
“Every time I need a hand, someone is there to help. Thank you so much for working as hard as the industry does. It means a lot!”
Aaron T, February 2023
“Delivers as promised. Very flexible.”
Rich P, February 2023
“Just what I was looking for.”
Craig S, February 2023
“I use this most every day. It’s simple and easy to use and if I have a question your teams responds time is amazing.”
Tim S, February 2023
“So far the software has been intuitive to use as a newcomer with little access to the knowledgebase. I haven’t yet run into something I wish I could accomplish that the program wouldn’t let me do.”
Nathaniel C, January 2023
“The program saves me a lot of time and headache on generating the material list and keeping it organized. More importantly, I can’t say enough good things about the support I’ve received in terms of setup and questions I’ve had. The support …has been top notch.
Josh T, January 2023
“best take off software easy to use”
Jason L, November 2022
“I’ve tried every framing estimating program out there and this is the only one that covers and handles so much “
Kevin K, November 2022
“The takeoffs produced with this software has made my company a leader in the Southern California Region. “
Anthony M, November 2022
“Easy to use. Easy to learn. Just makes estimating life easy!”
Don L, November 2022
“This is a great resource for material take-offs. A big time saver on large projects.”
Aaron R, April 2023
“Great program, miles ahead of past takeoff programs I have used. Really good support team as well”
Jess R, November 2022
“I really like the built in database. Also the output is something that I can use for the field as well.”
Trevor B, November 2022