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The New Way to Successful Takeoff and Estimation

Take-Off Software and Estimation – Who We Are

Having started as a construction company and then a service company providing takeoffs to dealers and builders across the nation, we know first-hand the difficulties in taking a blueprint and ending with a finished project done well.

For twenty years we experienced the problems that plagued the process. The difficulty which dealers often face keeping the preferences of all of the customers straight, a framer who has to start guessing as to what goes where and how each piece needs to be cut because no one told him the logic and decisions that were already made or the salesman who has the unfortunate job of spending time putting out fires and making extra trips to the jobsite instead of making sales. There needed to be a new type of takeoff software to fix the problems we faced.

Through these problems we saw an opportunity. What if we could build takeoff software that would help the dealer manage the preferences of his customers?  Why not give the framer the logic that was used when the takeoff was made so that every piece has a place and everyone knows where that place was? And what if we built software that did all of that so well that the sales team could focus on what they do best?

From this vision PrebuiltML was born. As the premier next generation takeoff software, PrebuiltML helps you succeed by providing you with the tools that increase quality and visibility while decreasing cost and ultimately setting you apart from the competition.

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