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Full Structure Takeoff Software

Best suited for Builders and Framers, General Contractors, and Lumber yards. Create powerful and accurate lumber, EWP, and building material lists that are job-site ready, optimized, and professional. You can even easily generate custom framing layouts for all aspects of your project.

With a database of over 50 million items you’ll find products from all the major manufacturers built in and ready to go.

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Takeoff Software for the Trades

If you work on a specific trade or don’t need framing and lumber lists, PROtrade is the fastest and most reliable solution. Generate material lists from digital plans and report materials in square feet, linear feet, volume, or in specific quantities.

Whether you need a quick takeoff for Concrete, Flooring, Paint, Roofing, or Siding, or another specialized trade, you’ll get a custom product database ready to suit your needs.

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