Concrete Takeoff Software

Digital transformation is creating long-term change in the concrete industry. One of the biggest areas of digital growth in construction is concrete estimating software. By adding a digital concrete takeoff calculator to your estimator toolkit, you’re giving every concrete estimator in your company a step up in terms of productivity. It helps your business save time and money through faster, more accurate estimates while lowering your overhead.

What Is Concrete Takeoff Software? 

At PrebuiltML, our concrete takeoff software, PROtrade, provides you with a range of tools you need to develop quality quotes for your customers. It includes a concrete takeoff calculator to determine how much of which concrete you’ll use in a project, including additional materials such as reinforcing mesh, sealants and similar products.

With our software, you can quickly perform on-screen takeoffs that are completely digital by simply importing the image file for the project. You can:

  • Develop material lists based on the product database you create
  • Export your final bid file into PDF or Excel format

With this level of automation, you’ll be able to win more concrete jobs while lowering your overhead — so you can spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

Save Time and Money

Because our concrete estimating software has such a high degree of automation, you’ll save money when you make the switch. When you can digitally mark up the plans in the concrete takeoff calculator you’ll spend less time in the office. You can create custom database entries to improve efficiency, develop field notes and export to 6 material reports, depending on your needs.

Software Details

Everything offered in PROtrade’s concrete estimating package is in your free trial. We don’t offer you options that require additional subscriptions later. Everything is included with no upcharge, extra fees or gimmicks. Just straightforward pricing and a complete takeoff software package you can trust!

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