22 Sep

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PrebuiltML X New Software Release 4.9.6:

Estimate Volumes!


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What’s New?

New Tools, Updated Features

1 – Estimating Volume – Have you been wanting to estimate how many yards of concrete you need for your slabs? Or how much dirt you will need to dig out for a basement? Now you can accomplish this right in PrebuiltML! Check out the video on how to make use of this new feature. To fully take advantage of this new feature you will need to send us your template .pedb file so we can update it with the new “cubic style” applications and products.

2 – New Report Export Styles – As you generate your material reports for your projects in PrebuiltML, two new export styles are available:

  • BuilderTrend – We now have an export style that you can easily import into the BuilderTrend Software. Learn how to create this import here. BuilderTrend is a cloud-based, project management, Pre-Sales management, and customer relations software geared toward the building industry. Learn more about their widely used product at their Website.
  • .CSV – In addition to the standard Excel Export, there is now an export available in the Comma Separated Values format, providing more flexibility for how report data can be transitioned to other software.


You Asked For It…and Here It Is!

The following items are improvements that we implemented based on customer requests:

  • Remove or Rename a Custom Product – Have you created a custom product that you don’t need any longer and would like to completely remove it from your base template file? In this latest version of the software you have the ability to remove or rename a custom product. See more in this article.
  • Priced Reports With Tax – For those making use of the pricing feature, there is now a field on the reports tab that allows for a tax rate to be entered and applied to the priced reports. Click here to learn more.
  • Joist On-Center-Spacing – This control is now available in the multi-select menu, allowing for a change to the OCS for multiple containers to be made at one time. Check out the article about the multi-select menu for more information.
  • Text Color – Annotation notes in the digitizer can now have color applied to their text. Learn more here.
  • Convert Deck Decking random lengths to specific lengths – Now in the deck decking application (as well as all other area coverage type applications), when you call Lumber products you can have output in either specific lengths or random lengths. More Information.
  • Lumber Tab – Based on user feedback we have increased the flexibility and control of the Lumber tab so that you can more efficiently call the correct lumber types for varying project needs. Note that with this update, the Lumber tab functions differently. Old projects will still load up the way you last saved them. However, entries that you have made in the Lumber tab in those projects may affect future changes in that project differently due to the updated behavior of the tab.

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