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Take your estimating quality to a new level!

Minimize Waste with a Better List

Getting the Right Material

It’s important that your material list is accurate, and PrebuiltML X was developed to do just that. We can store your stocking products and help you see where your products are needed. PrebuiltML X can help manage which products are specified for you and for as many clients as you need.

A More Usable List

PreBuiltML X’s lists aren’t just accurate, they are easy to bid from. With our Ready Output option your list is loaded with your products, your lengths and your cut logic. Our list is more than just a material list, it’s information you can use to properly manage your takeoff. For more information on our "Ready Output", click here.

Field Friendly for Better Communication

Use PreBuiltML to communicate to your entire project crew. With cut logic, framing layouts and the option to put in notes, you can disseminate important information to the group in one convenient location.

PrebuiltML X Software

Easy to Use, Easy to Save

1. Project Import

Easily start your project by opening PreBuiltML X and selecting your project’s plan files.

2. Point and Click

See how easy it is to count, measure and calculate with our built-in digitizer. All you need to do is point and click.

3. Export and Save

Lots of easy next steps, whether you want to export a list to Excel or create a printable PDF file. We make it easy and convenient to save your lists.

PrebuiltML X Software

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