PrebuiltML X

PrebuiltML X



Minimize waste with a better list

Getting the right material

Knowing that a material list is only as good as the information it contains, PrebuiltML was built to get it right. PrebuiltML can track the product you stock as well as manage what you want where. And not only for you but for as many clients as you have.

A more usable list

Built to produce material lists that are more than just list, PrebuiltML’s lists are easily bid from, loaded from and built from because each list uses the right material, the right lengths and are arranged exactly how you need it. For more information on our "Ready Output", click here.

Field friendly for better communication

Cut logic, framing layouts and notes are just a few of the added benefits that help you communicate what goes where and how it’s used to the entire project crew.

PrebuiltML X Software

Easy to use, easy to save

1 Project import

Importing your next project is simple. Simply open PrebuiltML X, select your project's image file, and import.

2 Point and click

With a built in digitizer, counting, measuring and calculating is as comfortable as pointing and clicking.

3 Export and save

PrebuiltML X includes a large selection of lists to make the next step that much more stress-free. Whether you want to print PDF or export to Excel, exporting any of the built in lists only takes a minute.

PrebuiltML X Software

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