Tip of the Week – Show Scale within Pages List

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
After scaling your pages, have you ever wanted to show scale in the Pages List?
During a takeoff, many times there will be several pages scaled differently. How does the user know what the page has been scaled to? This and more information is available in the right click options that may not be…

Autumn: A Time to Plan Ahead

PrebuiltML takeoff software: a time to plan ahead on upcoming projects.
The days are changing from sweltering hot and dry to cooler weather. There is a scent in the air of fresh rain and leaves are turning shades of orange and reds – Autumn has begun.
Fall is known for a time of transitioning from completing Summer projects to preparing for Winter.…

Encyclopedia of Video Knowledge – YouTube

Beware: Blog post below includes references to PrebuiltML software, instructional how-to YouTube videos and Hamsters!

It’s been a busy but fun week of testing and projects with PrebuiltML takeoff software building up to a new software feature build.  We thought of an entertaining experiment and took a quick general consensus around the office of “what first pops in mind when you think of…

Join us with our adventure – PrebuiltML Takeoff Software

Calling on users of PrebuiltML – Takeoff Software to join us with an adventure.
Made famous from popular books and movies, treasure hunt adventures can be entertaining stories to experience – thrill of escaping the pirates after a daring sword fight on the dangerous sea to then stumble upon a mysterious island filled with treasure!
Building a software product like PrebuiltML can be…