Concrete Takeoff Software Solutions

Take advantage of technology and the digital transformation that is changing the concrete industry. Implementing a concrete estimating software can save you time and money. Improve your estimates and increase productivity with the digital concrete takeoff calculator available with PROtrade concrete takeoff software. Lower your overhead by spending less time in the office on your concrete takeoffs and by producing more accurate estimates.

PROtrade software is a flexible takeoff system that can generate Cubic Yards from linear or area input.

PROtrade makes your Concrete Takeoff faster and easier.
Create your database with the Applications and Items you use – Concrete, Rebar, WWM, Anchor Bolts, Ties, hold downs and more. Set up one time and use in all of your concrete takeoffs. Our concrete takeoff software allows you to import your plans and use the on-screen Digitizer to finalize your takeoff. PROtrade is the easy-to-use, accurate concrete estimating software for all of your projects.

What Is Concrete Takeoff Software?

The PrebuiltML PROtrade concrete takeoff software gives you a range of tools to develop custom, accurate quotes for your projects. The concrete takeoff calculator lets you figure out how much concrete you need for the project, as well as other materials like reinforcing mesh, sealants and other products needed for the job.

With our software, you can quickly perform on-screen takeoffs that are completely digital by simply importing the image file for the project. You can:

• Develop quotes based on the product database you create
• Select preferences to choose from multiple stocking lists
• Export your final bid file into PDF or Excel format

With this level of automation, you’ll be able to win more masonry jobs while lowering your overhead — so you can spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

Output you Can Count On

Accurate Material Lists
PROtrade concrete estimating software provides the material lists you need to do the job. Lists are accurate so you reduce waste, keep to the schedule and the budget.
Precise Layouts
Use PROtrade’s concrete estimating software provides the material lists you need to do the job. Lists are accurate so you reduce waste, keep to the schedule and the budget. comprehensive tools to create layouts the way you want them. Adding pictures improves your plans.

Add Notes to Better Communicate
Improve communication and avoid confusion by adding important notes and comments the entire crew can see. PROtrade’s notes function gives you the tools you need to effectively communicate to your team.

PROtrade Employs a User-Defined Database.
PROtrade let’s you set up your database to include the Applications and the Items you want. Our development team made it easy for you to quickly create a database.

Save Time And Money

You’ll save time with our concrete takeoff software which automates much of the takeoff process to save you money. Our concrete takeoff calculator lets you digitally mark-up plans so you spend less time in the office. And useful features like custom database entries, field notes and the ability to export material reports improve your efficiency.

The Right Solution at a Great Price

Low Monthly Rate
Our concrete estimating software is available at a low monthly rate and requires no upfront lump sum. Our active customers always have access to the latest versions of our concrete estimating software. Our customers stay with us, with no financial commitment.

The Latest Version is All We Sell
You never have to worry about upgrades, you’ll always have the latest version of PROtrade concrete estimating software. And access to all the latest features and functions to streamline your takeoff process.

Support For as Long as You’re a Customer
If you have an active license, you have access to our customer support team. We can help you with almost any issue you are experiencing.

Free Trial

Try PROtrade’s concrete estimating software for 14 days for FREE. Everything is included in our free trial so you can test drive the whole package. We’re not holding out on any options, everything is included, no extra fees or charges. Straightforward pricing for a complete concrete takeoff software. Sign up today!

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World Class Support Included

All You Can Eat
Expert software needs expert support. Our customers have access to unlimited support from our experienced team. You can call 6:00 am – 4:30pm PST for assistance and we’ll do our best to help you.

24 Hour Knowledge Base
When our support team isn’t available, you still have 24-hour access to our Knowledge Base online support center. Our Knowledge Base can give you instructions, explanations and help with almost any feature our PreBuiltML X software offers.

Unlimited Videos
Need to know how to use a feature. You’ll also have access to a video library which covers the majority of our standard features and functions. Our videos list is available whenever you need it.