Construction Takeoff Software Solutions

Working in construction requires you to be on the job site, so time in the office can mean lost productivity. But you need time in the office to bid for new business opportunities. How can you balance construction estimating with time in the field? PrebuiltML PROtrade estimating software for construction can help. Facilitate the takeoff process and get things done more efficiently and accurately.

What is Construction Estimating Software?

Construction estimating software is a program designed to help you estimate a project more quickly and accurately by digitizing your plans and giving you the capability to easily measure, generate materials lists and communicate with your entire crew. PrebuiltML X estimating software for construction was designed to exceed your expectations for and provide all the tools and features you need to properly complete your construction takeoff.

PrebuiltML X Makes Your Construction Takeoff Faster and Easier

You no longer need to spend hours drawing up blueprints and lists of items needed for your project, or hours figuring out optimum cutting lengths so you don’t waste materials. Putting in hours at the office that could be productively spent in the field. With estimating software for construction, you can develop digital plans, set up your database with the applications and items you choose, and output accurate material lists. But not all estimating software is equal, and PrebuiltML X is the only estimating software that will exceed your expectations.

What Is Construction Takeoff Software?

Construction takeoff software streamlines your takeoff process by digitizing them. With PrebuiltML X’s construction takeoff software, you can easily import your image file, point, click and measure. Generate accurate material lists with a database of over 50 million products. Easy adjustments for leveling and scaling your pages. Our construction takeoff software makes it possible for you to build your layouts, create your estimate and save assemblies for future projects. With this level of automation, you’ll be able to spend more time in the field and less time in the office and still get your paperwork taken care of.

With our software, you can quickly perform on-screen takeoffs that are completely digital by simply importing the image file for the project. You can:

• Develop quotes with your user-defined product database
• Select preferences from multiple stocking lists
• Export your bid in Excel or PDF files

With this level of automation, you’ll be able to win more masonry jobs while lowering your overhead — so you can spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

What are the Benefits of Using PrebuiltML X for Your Operation?

There are several benefits to employing PrebuiltML X’s estimating software for construction for your business. The construction industry is digitizing, allowing you to simply point and click to complete measurements for your takeoff, and easily export it to Excel or PDF. Our Cut Logic finds the optimum cutting lengths, reducing waste and improving profitability. Automating your takeoff means you spend less time in the office and more time in the field.

PrebuiltML X’s construction takeoff software delivers accurate material layout plans. And gives you the ability to attach specific framing instruction details to your layout, taking you from initial takeoff to on-site construction.

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