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What is construction estimating software?

PrebuiltML X makes your Construction Takeoff faster and easier.

Not that long ago, construction estimating involved spending hours analyzing blueprints with an assortment of colored pencils and a list of every item that was needed for the project. If contractors wanted to save money on materials, they would have to invest even more time figuring cuts to determine the optimum cutting lengths to avoid waste. This extra time cut into their field work, costing them profitability and additional income.

Today, there's a better way to keep your estimating and project management time from getting out of hand. With construction estimating software, you can look at and develop digital plans. Construction estimating software allows you to set up your own assemblies, helping you estimate a project more quickly. However, not all estimating software is equal. Some provide better features while others don't quite meet the mark. PrebuiltML X was designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

PrebuiltML X Software

What are the benefits of using PrebuiltML X for your operation?

Construction, like so many other industries, is undergoing digitization. By applying construction estimating techniques to digital computing power, you can realize extensive benefits for your business. Imagine simply pointing and clicking to complete your count or measurements for your takeoff, then exporting it to Excel or PDF. When developing plans in PrebuiltML X, the software's Cut Logic will find the optimum cutting lengths, allowing you to avoid wasted material and improve your project profitability. Because the software helps improve automation in your estimating process, you can spend less time in the office and more time making money and getting the job done.

Our software solutions also provide you with accuracy. The material layout plan allows you to immediately see any discrepancies with the original blueprint. Do you have areas in the project that require specific framing instructions? If so, you can attach those details to your material layout. PrebuiltML X construction estimating software takes your business from initial takeoff all the way to on-site construction.

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Low monthly rate

We believe that paying a lump sum for software doesn't serve the customer well. We want customers that have the latest version...always. Customers that didn't have to put thousands down upfront. Customers that stay with us even though they're not committed to.

The latest version is all we sell
Because we sell PrebuiltML X as a subscription you always get the latest versions with the latest improvements. You will never have to worry about upgrading or missing out on a feature you need. If we have it, you get it.

Support for as long as you're a customer
Knowing that support is helpful with even the best software, we've chosen to always include it with every active license. So, never worry about upgrading to the latest version or whether you can make the call...we're here for you.

PrebuiltML X Software
PrebuiltML X Software

World class support included

All you can eat

Great software does better with great support. That is why we include unlimited support from our outstanding support team with every subscription. Give us a call and see how we can help.

24 hour knowledge base

Knowing that our support team isn't always available to help, our knowledge base is full of explanation, help and instructions on how to do just about anything PrebuiltML X has to offer.

Unlimited video

Wanting to know how to do something? Our large list of videos covers a majority of the standard features and uses and is available whenever you need it.

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