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When you work in the flooring industry, every square foot of a project is counted in your final bill. But profitability also depends on accurately estimating the amount of materials needed to cover that square footage. Flooring takeoff software from PrebuiltML does exactly that, helping you save time and money while you spend less time in the office and more in the field.

Discover every option and tool PrebuiltML PROtrade estimating software has to offer with your free trial today.

PROtrade software is a flexible takeoff system that can generate square foot of floor, linear foot of trim and counts for thresholds and other items.

PROtrade makes your Flooring Takeoff faster and easier.
Quickly create your Database to reflect the Applications and Items you use - Carpet, Tile, Laminate, Wood and more can be set up once for use in all of your takeoffs. Import your plans (as PDF, Jpeg, Bmp, Png, Jif, Tiff, or Ico) and use the integrated on-screen Digitizer to complete your takeoff. Accurate and user friendly, PROtrade is the solution for your takeoff needs!
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Output you can count on

Accurate material lists
PROtrade provides the material list you need to get the job done right. Minimize waste, keep timelines and reduce expenses.

Precise layouts
Things are better with pictures, which is why PROtrade comes complete with a comprehensive tool for creating layouts the way you want them.

Add notes to better communicate
Need to clarify an item on your list so confustion doesn't lead to mistakes or extra expenses? PROtrade comes with a notes tool so everything can be noted and communicated.

PROtrade employs a user-defined Database.
Set up your Items and Applications the way you want to use them. Thanks to our Development Team creating a Database is quick and easy!

The right solution at a great price

Low monthly rate
We believe that paying a lump sum for software doesn't serve the customer well. We want customers that have the latest version...always. Customers that didn't have to put thousands down upfront. Customers that stay with us even though they're not committed to.

The latest version is all we sell
Because we sell PROtrade as a subscription you always get the latest versions with the latest improvements. You will never have to worry about upgrading or missing out on a feature you need. If we have it, you get it.

Support for as long as you're a customer
Knowing that support is helpful with even the best software, we've chosen to always include it with every active license. So, never worry about upgrading to the latest version or whether you can make the call...we're here for you.
PrebuiltML X Software

PrebuiltML X Software

World class support included

All you can eat
Great software does better with great support. That is why we include unlimited support from our outstanding support team with every subscription. Give us a call and see how we can help.

24 hour knowledge base
Knowing that our support team isn't always available to help, our knowledge base is full of explanation, help and instructions on how to do just about anything PROtrade has to offer.

Unlimited video
Wanting to know how to do something? Our large list of videos covers a majority of the standard features and uses and is available whenever you need it.

Still have questions?

Call us at 866-827-1067. We would love to answer your questions.

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