Benefits of Using Takeoff Software

Construction and trade professionals walk a fine line between economy and quality. Yet when it comes to estimating a job, many are still stuck using paper plans and manual takeoffs. Or, they’re switching between multiple windows and programs to work with a PDF viewer and spreadsheet program to create their takeoff. What if there was a better way to get the job done quickly and accurately without a huge initial investment? Today, there is: takeoff and estimating software that incorporates everything you need to make the process fast and easy while avoiding the issues that make the estimating process steal so much of your time. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of takeoff and estimating software.

Save Time and Money with Takeoff Software

Though contractors have a general view of not upgrading until something is broken or just doesn’t work for them anymore, this approach shouldn’t be applicable to your takeoff and estimating software. If you had an ancient truck that sometimes just wouldn’t start or stay running when you need it to, would you keep it around the shop? In the same way, upgrading to estimating software helps you save time and avoid time-consuming and costly errors.

Digitization has led to a point in technology where connectivity is pervasive in nearly every location where you’re doing business. What’s more, high-powered computers have come down to a fairly small investment. Estimating has been a time-consuming task in the past that keeps you in the office, adding to your overhead. Errors would cost you a significant amount of your profits. Every project you estimated only paid for that time if you won the project. Today’s estimating software speeds the process while giving you better flexibility on where you’re working — reducing your time and effort investment in the process. It’s also become much easier to get started with the software through simple downloads. What exactly will you gain, though, by making the switch to estimating and takeoff software?

How much does it cost to print plans on paper or travel to and from a print shop? Many contractors save thousands of dollars annually by switching to estimating software. They’re also saving time, by an average of 75 percent. What could you do with that extra time each week? Among other options, you can bid more jobs and improve the percentage of jobs you win.

Estimating Software Helps Streamline Business Processes, Improve Accuracy and Boost Efficiency

With everything centrally located and available digitally, you don’t need to trip over roll after roll of plans scattered around your office and create paper clutter that makes it hard to get the job done. Have you ever spent precious time trying to track down a calculation or count mistakes you made on paper plans or takeoff worksheets? You’ve got better things to do than waste time finding errors. Estimating software automatically calculates changes within a matter of moments, making error checking a fast process.

What about getting notes from the plans to your crew in the field? We’ve all worked on jobs where something just wasn’t communicated properly or a lot of time was spent getting the information out to the field. Some estimating software packages — including PrebuiltML X and PrebuiltML PROtrade — allow you to put notes in the software while creating your takeoff that automatically shows up in the field, helping you avoid expensive mistakes or misunderstandings.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Taking advantage of takeoff and estimating software allows you to quickly and effectively reduce your overhead, improve profitability and maintain control of your material costs. It can serve as a valuable tool for your business, letting you spend more time in the field getting the job done and less time in the office working on paperwork. It provides opportunities to save time and grow your business. Sign up for a free trial today.

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