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A Sample of the New Updates and Features

Drag and Drop Pack Reordering
Set a specific pack to…

Assigning Attributes to your Products

I have selected a specific wood product, but I would like to choose the grade of lumber and other attributes associated with this and other lumber products.


Changing the species or attributes for products is simple and accomplished by utilizing the “arrow” keys on your keyboard. After selecting the lumber product, select the “right arrow” key on your keyboard for additional species or attributes for the selected product. The…

Quick Tip – Continue to Draw Container Section

Do you ever need to add in a whole new section to your floor or roof container (like a bay window you missed)? 

You can accomplish this quickly with this new feature.

Continue Drawing in a Container Section:

1. Right Click on the edge of the container that is to be manipulated.
2. Select “Continue Drawing Container Section” from the menu.

3. Drawing will be…

New Version of PrebuiltML X!


You’re talking…we’re

Get what you requested!

This latest release of PrebuiltML X is full of updates and features that are based on requests and feedback from YOU, our users.  Check out the list of features below and call or email us to get the full scoop and thanks again for communicating!


Existing Users: Log in to your account to get the latest versions!
New Users:…

Tip of the Week – Common Scaled Layouts

In this edition of  “Tip of the Week”:
Can I print my layout in a commonly used scale?

Yes! – Layouts can be printed off in a “ruler-scalable” format for more convenient use in the field by framers and installers.

How to create a layout in a common scale:
Step 1. In the Projects “Framing Layouts” tab, select the layout paper size. For this…

Choosing the right PrebuiltML Software for your needs!


So sooner or later everyone notices that we have a couple of programs available (PrebuiltML X and ProTrade) and the questions arise:

Which software is right for our use?
What is the difference in the software?
How about cost (and this includes the question “Can we buy the program outright instead of on a subscription basis”)?
How do Support…

Turn up the VOLUME!

That is Volume as in quantity – something new from PrebuiltML! Sales Guy again, and our latest release has included volumes of concrete and fill for PrebuiltML X and ProTrade! 

Cubic Yards are now included in the quantities available and – as always – at no extra charge. This isn’t an add-on or module to buy. We don’t work that way.…

A Time to Review: PrebuiltML

We at PrebuiltML have been working hard to develop changes to our online presence and we would like to offer you a quick recap of new features.

Our goal is to increase coverage throughout the Web and deliver more support options to our customers. Like this post, we have started some new sources to spread ideas and information publicly. While…

Autumn: a time to plan ahead

PrebuiltML takeoff software: a time to plan ahead on upcoming projects.
The days are changing from sweltering hot and dry to cooler weather. There is a scent in the air of fresh rain and leaves are turning shades of orange and reds – Autumn has begun.
Fall is known for a time of transitioning from completing Summer projects to preparing for Winter.…

Encyclopedia of Video Knowledge – YouTube

Beware: Blog post below includes references to PrebuiltML software, instructional how-to YouTube videos and Hamsters!

It’s been a busy but fun week of testing and projects with PrebuiltML takeoff software building up to a new software feature build.  We thought of an entertaining experiment and took a quick general consensus around the office of “what first pops in mind when you think of…